Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Clinic- Live Performance, BBC Merseyside, 1st Feb 2008

T’was a night to remember…though sadly due to my alcohol intolerance I can’t recall a great deal from my visit to the BBC Merseyside studio to see local boys Clinic perform a specially recorded session for DJ -and all round good bloke/local music champion extraordinaire- Dave Monks, in support of their forthcoming 5th album ‘Do it’.
Thankfully, my better half has managed to fill in the blanks that an impromptu after-work visit to the pub caused and as luck would have it, I managed to get some pictures (of varying quality) on my phone.

Their attire for the night was striking as ever; their trade mark surgical masks, this time accompanied with matching army regalia and Beatles Mop Top wigs.
The set played tonight showed off some of their new material, which was sounding pretty darned impressive - not just for Clinic afficianardos but also to the uneducated. Notable tracks included psych rocking ‘Corpus Christie’ (One of the few songs they introduced and certainly one for future Easter themed music blogs no doubt) and the free to download from their website Radiohead tinged current single; ‘Free Not Free’ and threw in some older favourites like the brilliantly toe tapping title track from their vastly underrated second album ‘Walking With Thee’.

The set was like their songs, to the point, punchy and fascinating. At risk of plagerising John Peel when discussing The Fall, one of Clinic’s finest attributes is “They’re always different, yet always the same”. I’m sure in ten or twenty years time, once the dust settles, we’ll look back and rightly give thanks and praise on to these odd ball geniuses and regret the missed opportunities to see them perform live- or in my case the alcohol induced remorse!

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