Monday, 14 January 2008

You were in a car crash and you lost your hair

So with much pomp and circumstance Liverpool’s second favourite son (who’s still alive) kicked off the European Capital of Culture extravaganza on Friday. Personally I couldn’t be arsed to see ole Ringo (poorly drawn above..apologies) playing with Dave Stewart (how the hell did he get involved?) on St George’s Hall, but kudos Liverpool etc.

At work, the inclusion of Ringo has caused something of a stir, notebaly his merit as a musician, with the common consensus amongst my cohorts being that Ringo was, and I quote: "without any talent as a singer or a drummer".

Have these people listened to a Beatles album?...I mean listen to the drumming on 'Get Back'- it’s fucking great! Sadly his reputation will, or so it appears, be forever be sullied by a John Lennon quip, who when asked in an interview if he thought Ringo was the best rock drummer in the world retorted: "he's not even the best drummer in the Beatles!".

Anyway, I have a genuine love and affinity for Ringo and especially one of his few writing contributions 'Don't Pass Me By' from The Beatles' White Album. It doesn't take the keenest of music aficionados to work out that its not in the same league as most of other songs from the album, but it always makes me chuckle, especially the "I'm sorry that I doubted you, I was so unfair/You were in a car crash, And you lost your hair" lyrics. Effing marvelous. It also has further meaning when we did a Radio One interview/session with Huw Stevens several years ago and were asked live on air to chose a track from The White Album for him to play (I difficult task I'm sure you'll agree) and despite the obvious chin scratching mulling over I managed to get them to (reluctantly) agree to play this song, much to the other band members discontent afterwards.


The Beatles- Dont Pass Me By (Anthology Version)

Comedian Peter Serafinowicz, whose inconsistently funny BBC show was aired late in 2007, does a mean Ringo impersonation (as well as a great John & Paul) as demonstrated in these clips.

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